An Archive of Resources & References for How to Build an Archive ProjectIn our 8th class at the Useful School, Ramon Tejada gave a lecture on “Punct—uring” and/or digging through my archive and he shared a metaphor that really resonated with me. He said that sometimes people see you hugging [knowledge] and they just want to be part of that hug; I want this page to be a digital hug of sharing the knowledge, information, and seeds I’ve gathered that makes this project possible. 

Below you’ll find a collection of things that have been part of my network, sphere, and have informed the ecology of information. 

Dimensions of Citizenship: Architecture and Belonging from the Body to the Cosmos

The Case for a Ceasefire

“A Deseprate Situation Getting More Desperate” An Interview with Rashid Khalidi

Decolonize Palestine Reading List

Palestinian Poets & Writers

Fadwa Tuqan

Mahmoud Darwish

Tamim al-Barghouti

Ghassan Kanafani

Maya Al-Hayat

Ibrahim Tuqan

Salma Jayyusi

Noor Hindi

Hanan Mikha’il Ashrawi

Other Archives

The Palestinian Museum Digital Archive

Nakba Archive

Palestine Reading List

Archiving Palestine

Institute for Palestine Studies

Audiovisual Archive for Palestinian Refugees

Spheres of Influence

This project is a culmination of conversations, jam sessions, and being in community with Victoria Gerson, Laila Fakhoury,  Hajar Azzam, Mo Jardinico, Hugo Gonzalez, Ramon Tejada, Stephen Song, Anne-Fatima Syed, Nette Hanna, Ritesh Gupta, and the entire Useful School Community. 

To my grandmothers  جواهر و صديقة — who have always been my guiding stars and inspiration on sharing our stories through oral narration, photos, and food. The stories and the memories that  you’ve shared with me are woven into my fabric and identity. 

Archival Imagery

Palestine Photo Project

Palestine in the Archive

Design Archives

Arabic Type Walks Palestine

Arab Design Archive

Free Palestine Archive

The Palestine Poster Project Archive

Palestinian Artists
Sliman Mansour

Ismail Shammout

Zulfa al-Sa‘di

Abdulhalim Radwi

Vera Tamari

Abdul Hay Mosallam Zarara

For Spontaneity

Interactive Encyclopedia of the Palestine Question

Unsettling & Decolonizing Toolkit

Typography Found – Palestine

Disarming Design


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